A San Francisco We

We walk, escape our
four walls, paid for with our
time-to-have. We close our faces to
live. Open them to push the
loneliness out.  Drink our coffee
in crowded cafés. We are the energy
we seek, the Buzz. We laugh-

hysterically. Cry and weep and
morn. We love intensely, with
a certain amount of distraction.
We curse with fervor under breath.

Drink to excess to discover
ourselves, to get away from those
discovered selves. We sneeze. We walk around
with our cell phones attached to our
ears-lobes-umbilical cords to our
worldwomb. We dress ourselves

characters in the city stage:
leather boots, leggings,

yellow cashmere turtle necks,

fair trade t-shirts, inked skin, vintage

dresses. We attach ourselves to:
lovers, yoga, and health-food stores.
We rush by: in our cars,

swaying body to body on

buses, on bikes, to get from here
to home. We fight, yell from car
to pedestrian to bike. Backhandedly
bickering, with coworkers, lovers,
friends, neighbors and shop-
keepers. We create intricacy

out of the air- shape the
Buzz.  Go to the park, the beach,

barbeque vegan hot dogs, drink red
wine in red plastic cups, philosophize.
We have pets, mutts, purebreds, the
ridiculous absurd, givers of tactile

love-affection. We blow bubbles on street
corners to make each other smile, then
talk-about-smiling. We’re infatuated with
ourselves, and kill ourselves. We wake up,
fall asleep, watch the waves in little
secluded beaches round the bay. We ride
our bikes proudly. Have bright blue hair,
secondhand jeans, stiletto heals and three

thousand dollar sutes. We walk for
pleasure, exercise, purpose. The men
watch the men and sometimes the woman too.
We have schedules, appointments, engage-

ments to keep, money to make. We live.
Breathe our city. We dance to the
music, in the park, in our homes and the music in our
heads.  Let the sun touch our skin,
the fog lick our lips, the moon
wash our fingertips and our showers and
sheets kiss our skin. We share the shape
of our bodies in galleries, alleyways,

clubs, and runways. We procreate,
take walks with strollers, give up
our one life-for-another. Indulge
in pedicures, indigenous wine,

home grown cocaine, foreign hot stone massages.

We read, write, watch our city
wake and go about our day. We marry,
live to excess, eat organic. We cycle,
recycle, reduce and say no to plastic.

We transplant ourselves,
try our roots in this soil this city.
We are educated, eccentric, accented.

We run catching buses, keeping our noses firmly in the air

About detangledprosereview

I am a human rights advocate with a knack for inter-contextually. I am a storyteller, a ceramists, a pan-art lover, a feminist, and a humanist.
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