Trimming: Finding Pleasure Triggers in the Fine-Tuning

Ruby’s Clay Studio Ceramicist (not mine)

I much prefer the fine-tuning
the trimming of my mostly leather-hard clay pots
Even glazing, after first fire bisque, excites me more
Than dirty fingers slipping over lopsided lumps of clay
Spinning pot after horribly deformed pot only to find one worth firing
I slip them the deformed pots into the hard plastic reclaim bin
stopping for a moment to name my unwanted

I much prefer coming to a third epiphany in a coupling of three
Manipulating words already on the page
Black letters covering up judgmental whiteness

Even my muse

With her exhilarating rush through me
Causing my fingers to cramp around pen
Cannot take the space of the fine-tuned revision

The beginning of things is not without good
Raw infatuations are not without their perks
There is a craved flirtation
a certain amount of sexiness
in newness
more often than not
Lifts from me like sweat from skin underwater
Once part of me
but now spent and gone
I do not prefer the shiny new
flirtation driven
Rather my desire is
to take part in
the confident sex of a lover
who already knows
trigger points
and doesn’t need every memories’ reference explained
To have the same disagreement with this same person
has in it the potential for growth
in its second
and third round
to have this disagreement with the
second and third person
becomes stale
finding myself alone

I much prefer the fine-tuning of things
The depth of intimacy
raw physicality
engaged with a human I
deeply know
The intentional cool
whitespace between twenty-six black letters
The trimming of
Glazing of                 firing of                     clay pots.

About detangledprosereview

I am a human rights advocate with a knack for inter-contextually. I am a storyteller, a ceramists, a pan-art lover, a feminist, and a humanist.
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1 Response to Trimming: Finding Pleasure Triggers in the Fine-Tuning

  1. Thanks for this perspective. I have been with my wife for almost ten years. I am imagining having the same disagreement with the second or third person and I already feel alienated.

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