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Trimming: Finding Pleasure Triggers in the Fine-Tuning

I much prefer the fine-tuning the trimming of my mostly leather-hard clay pots Even glazing, after first fire bisque, excites me more Than dirty fingers slipping over lopsided lumps of clay Spinning pot after horribly deformed pot only to find … Continue reading

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Self-doubt can go fuck itself: Looking all fear in the face

Pulling clothes off Baring body Fat pockets protruding Interesting curves Attractive lips Daring to love me Daring to touch the ugliest parts of me See the shame, lick it up like melted ice cream Buckets of hot foam disturbingly sweet … Continue reading

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Good Morning San Diego: A Prayer

Your clouds a bright white and your sky a lazy blue Rocky green and yellow mountains are stretching out towards Mexico Waxy leaves cha-cha, reflecting spots of white cloud light Reaching to smell the morning through coffee filled mouth Your birds chirping … Continue reading

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